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Maji Safi Mazingira Safi - Clean water Clean environment


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Maji Safi Mazingira Safi - Clean water Clean environment

Nairobi city ; as was formally known as a place of cool waters gets its freshwater from 3 main rivers and dam ; Ngong river ,Nairobi river and Ndakaini dam.
These rivers pass through the industrialized and informal(slum areas) where polution is very rampard . One notorius area is the dandora dumbsite in the poorest slum area in the east .
The rivers are full of industrial chemicals , human wastes,used oil plastics etc .
Maji Safi Mazingira safi is a collaborative project between the Focuslense (intelligent imaging and mapping company) ,the local government environment agancy NEMA; National Environment Management Agency and local community to help reduce pollution ,identify the water pollutants ,chemicals ,plastics etc . The solution involves installation of water ph , chemical level and image (video ) monitoring systems along the river, especially where pollution is rampant.
an FPGA kit is used with remote sensors and cloud connectivity to record chemical and pollution levels in the water and transmit to Azure cloud IoT . Azure AI image and video analytics is also used to analyze sources of pollution.

Focuslense electronics is an engineering company established in 2016 to help tackle challanges affecting poor and marginalized communities around Nairobi ,using computer vision ,AI ,IoT and 3D printing technology .It consists of a team of 5 software,hardware engineers,data scientists and a consultaing city planner.

Project Proposal

1. High-level project introduction and performance expectation

2. Block Diagram

3. Expected sustainability results, projected resource savings


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