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Pool Purity


George Mallard (Hexicurity)

Aug 17, 2021 1371 views

Pool Purity

Swimming Pools provide the perfect evaluation testbed for monitoring and control of water chemistry. PH and Chlorine levels must be monitored and controlled for the health and safety of the swimmers. Given the destabilizing effects of solar exposure, air temperature, and rainfall, additional chemistry supports stabilizing the Chlorine and PH levels. Additionally, pumps circulate the pool water through filters which impact energy consumption. Using a 28 thousand gallon pool, we intend to demonstrate the use of FPGA’s for data collection and Cloud computing for control and monitoring of water chemistry processes. Stretch goals will include using weather forecasts to anticipate and hopefully minimize both chemical and energy usage.
Because other water applications have similar issues, this work will apply to other consumers; people, livestock, and agriculture are prime examples.

Project Proposal

1. High-level project introduction and performance expectation

2. Block Diagram

3. Expected sustainability results, projected resource savings


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