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Dregs Reloaded


Anjaly Chandran (Crane Co.)

Aug 25, 2021 2070 views

Dregs Reloaded

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.But once discarded, its also the source
of 8-10% of greenhouse gas emissions of our earth. According to the latest UNEP (United Nations Environmnet Programme)
food waste index report, the true scale of food waste and the opprotunities related to it largely untapped and under-exploited.
In US restaurants alone,about 33 billion pounds of food is wasted each year. If these discarded food is
collected in an inhouse reservoir, it could be reused to power up via biogas and the produce manure to grow
in-house vegetables.
The Dregs Reloaded project involves setting up an external reservoir/tank outside a restaurant or home
which is used to collect food waste. The tank includes a pulverizing and churning motor which is activated at regular intervals to accelerate the
decomosping process. It also monitors temperature, biogas, food level etc, which could be analyzed making use of cloud storage
and computing. The biogas generated from the tank could be used for restaurant cooking. The decomposed food
waste can be collected and used as fertilizer. Temperature,light & gas sensors can be monitored and analyzed , so that the entire system/feedback controls can be used efficiently.

Project Proposal

1. High-level project introduction and performance expectation

2. Block Diagram

3. Expected sustainability results, projected resource savings


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