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Q: What is the time frame of Innovate FPGA Global Design Contest?

The contest has 3 rounds. Each round ends on a specific date and time based on a single time zone within each regional. The dates and times are published in the “Schedule” section for each region. Please double check your time zone to make sure you know the exact time the contest ends.


Q: Am I qualified to compete in Innovate FPGA Design Contest?

Yes! Students, professors, engineers, makers, etc. are all welcomed by Terasic & Intel to join the Innovate FPGA Contest.


Q: How can I participate in this contest?

Contestants must register as a “team”, which consists of 1~3 people located within the same geography. To register as a team, go to your regional homepage and select “Team Register.”
Community members who wish to vote for, submit comments to, and exchange ideas with the teams competing in the contest may also participate by registering as a community member. To register as a community member, go to your regional homepage and select “Community Register.”


Q: If I submit my entries on the deadline, will it be updated in time for voting process?

Yes, we will update the status of each submission consistently. However, we strongly recommend you complete your submission a few days in advance to avoid possible network issues and to make sure you still have time to make revisions on your entries. Please note that the exact times of the submission deadlines are announced on “schedule” section.


Q: Can I submit multiple entries?

No, each team can submit only 1 project.


Q: What should I do if I miss the deadline for the contest? Can I still submit my entry?

Sorry. We cannot accept any late submissions. Our mission is to keep the contest fair and open. To prevent this situation, please be aware of the deadlines. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Q: Can I comment and cast vote on the projects if I am not a competitor?

Yes! The Innovate FPGA contest welcomes global community members to participate in this event by voting for, submitting comments to, and exchanging ideas with the teams competing in the contest. To participate, however, you must register as a community member.
Click the “login” button on top of any regional homepage and register as a community member. After you register as a community member, you can join the discussion and cast vote during the first round selection.
There is no geographical restriction for the community members; you can comment, vote, and join conversations in any region.


Q: Can I go to other region’s pages and join the discussion?

Yes! We encourage to visit other regional competition and join the discussion.

This is one of the major goals of this contest – to build a global stage to engage worldwide communication on FPGA’s values and brainstorm for new applications & inventions.

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