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Winners of Grand Final of 2018

Awards Team No. Name of Project Organization Members Advisors GitHub
Grand Champion AS015 Flex Force Smart Glove for Measuring Sensorimotor Stimulation LASARRUS Research and Clinic Center Lloyd Emokpae, Roland Emokpae, Brady Emokpae
Silver Award EM076 Real-time HDR video Independent (SP-Team) Vladislav Sharshin, Andrey Papushin, Yelena Kirichenko  
Bronze Award PR022 PipeCNN: An OpenCL-Based FPGA Accelerator for Convolution Neural Network Institute of Information Science Beijing Jiaotong University Jianjing An, Diankun Jiang Dong Wang
Iron Award AS031 BreXting : Brain Texting McGill University, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Sivakumar Chidambaram, Arna Ghosh, Ajin Jiji Tom Jean-Pierre David
Iron Award EM083 Reconfigurable Computing University of Perugia Mirko Mariotti, Loriano Storchi, Daniele Spiga  
Iron Award PR077 Automatic Tuner College of Communicatoin Engineering, ChongQing University He Lin Lin, Lian Jia Rui, Tang Xue He Wei, Lin Ying Cheng
Award of Excellence AP085 Embedded Neural Coprocessor ParaQum Technologies Pradeep Kathirgamaraja, Kamalavasan Kamalakkannan, Natheesan Ratnasegar Ajith Pasqual  
Award of Excellence AP068 VR|AR Headset with Kalman Filter Position Tracking and Stereo Vision Depth Sensing Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Kwang Liang Chong, Jia Zhi Lim, Kah Men Yong Mei Kum Khaw, Fook Loong Lo  
Award of Excellence PR039 Memristive Neural Network Wuhan University Tang Zhiri, Chen Yanhua Chang Sheng;
Award of Excellence AS043 Quantum Gate Emulator University of Rhode Island Daniel Williams, James Kiessling, Christian D'Ovidio Bin Li, Jien-Chung Lo

Winners of EMEA Regional Final of 2018

Awards Team Number Name of Project Organization Members Advisors
Gold Award EM076 Real-time HDR video Independent (SP-Team) Vladislav Sharshin, Andrey Papushin, Yelena Kirichenko  
Silver Award EM083 Reconfigurable Computing University of Perugia Mirko Mariotti, Loriano Storchi, Daniele Spiga  
Silver Award EM077 FPGA-based string search accelerator Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics Maksim Tolkachev, Aleksandr Nasida, Damir Zakirov  
Bronze Award EM080 Hardware acceleration of cryptocurrency for IoT micropayments Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Ievgen Korotkyi, Sergii Sachov  
Iron Award  EM039 A smart management system to optimize renewable energy distribution Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico "G. Giorgi" - Brindisi - Italy Salvatore campeggio, Alessandra Moretto, Laura De Clemente Giorgio Cavalera
Award of Excellence  EM046 Optimized Epilepsy Detection Cairo University Mohammed Hani, Mirna Hossam, Omnia Ossama Hassan Mostafa
Award of Excellence  EM070 New FPGA family for CNN architectures: High-Speed Soft Neuron Design Ain Shams University, and American College of the Middle East Hossam Omar Ahmed Mohamed Dessouky, Maged Ghoneima
Award of Excellence  EM112 Smart Guidance for the Visually Impaired Addis Ababa University Atran Gebrehawariat, Nathnael Tesfaye, Tsegaab Alemayehu Selameab setargew, Yoseph Berhanu
Award of Excellence  EM016 Augmented Reality with DLPs Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Byron Quezada, Guillem Martinez, Dan Cipca JORDI Carrabina
Award of Excellence  EM102 Get Ready with Johnny ESIEE PARIS Marnaud NDUNGU, Lucas COIADO MOTA, Robert IONESCU Anne Exertier, Antoine D'hermies

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    Analog Devices, the diamond sponsor of Innovate FPGA, will offer 3 FREE LTC/ADI plug-in boards to teams who enter
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    Analog Devices has developed over a hundred reference designs to help solve developers’ system level application challenges from mixed signal designs, to software drivers and algorithm development.

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  • If you are interested in
    OpenCL-based designs, look here!

    Design of FPGA-based Computing System with OpenCL provides a friendly walk-through of OpenCL-based design methodologies for FPGA-based computing systems. A variety of design examples of embedded application created with Terasic DE5_net and DE5a_net FPGA boards

    We are extremely thankful to Terasic and Altera University program for the donation of DE5a boards early this year.
    Hasitha Muthumala Waidyasooriya
    Assistant Professor
    Tohoku University, Japan.


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Winners of May are:

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  • Pedro Machado
  • Daniel Scott Bozarth

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