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River Water Surface Floating Material Monitoring System

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River water surface floating object monitoring system uses sonar probe to transmit and receive sound waves as the front end of the system detection. When working, the master control device controls the sonar probe to transmit a certain frequency wave, when there is a floating object in a specific area, the wave transmitting forward meets the obstacle and will be reflected to the sonar probe, the master control device can calculate the distance s from the sonar probe to the floating object according to the time difference t from transmitting to receiving and the propagation speed v of the wave in the water, and the properties of the floating object can be judged by analyzing the difference between the return wave and the transmitting wave. At the same time, the main control device receives the information returned by the sonar probe, controls the camera device to shoot down the image of the specific area, and transmits all the above information to the cloud through the wireless transmission device. The function of monitoring floating objects on the water surface of the river is completed.